About Us

The Business Diagnostics & Directions programme is a comprehensive health check of your business. It delivers basic solutions and strategies for all the facets of your business. The programme helps to resolve gaps & issues in the business or simply strengthens the business for better performance & consistency.

It drills down into each aspect of the management of your business, crucial to smooth running of the business. There are more than 110 questions and their analysis that helps in examining the health of your business and pointing you towards a healthy & progressive direction

Apart from getting an accurate insight of your business and its governing functions - like, the gap areas, the strengths, weaknesses, threats & opportunities you are given a "Forward Strategy".report that will ensure success of your business by its implementation

Our years of comprehensive experience, both in the Australian & International market is on call for you / at your disposal.

About our parent company

M And M Endorsements Pty Ltd (M&M) are business MANAGEMENT and METHODS advisors. We provide SME's, Large Companies, MNCs and NGO's an array of comprehensive management solutions in any sphere of management. With many years of diverse and in-depth experiences at senior levels our consultants are here to help clients in the required areas of need within their existing or new ventures.


We deliver focused, practical and workable solutions helping existing businesses with remedies, preventions and growth strategies to take them to the next level. We have the expertise at our disposal to provide the advice & support our clients need ensuring to deliver these in the most cost effective manner absolutely HANDS-ON.

"We deliver results through astute & practical advice"


  • To provide relevant and appropriate guidance & advice to our clients in ensuring direct and indirect return on their investment.
  • To develop trust, confidence and creditability with our clients to foster long term relationships with them.
  • To provide accurate and knowledgeable services in the management of our clients' business towards their betterment in the most efficient and cost effective manner.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality, non-disclosure and professional secrecy to third parties.
  • Always be fair and impartial to our clients.
  • Deliver methods and advice by observing independence and objectivity.
  • Promote cooperation and good relations within the clients' organisation.
  • Carry out our services with integrity as core value, always ensuring proper and ethical handling and use of information.
  • Always conduct ourselves in a professional manner, honestly and candidly.

"Each staff member, Associate and Consultant at M And M Endorsements is responsible for adhering to the 'Objectives & Charter' and encourage each other to follow it in their best of abilities at all times."

What do our clients say about our programme

"It was so obvious but we couldn't see the small customer service issue. Once diagnosed we were given a workable direction which resulted in saving our service department at least 40% of their time and the money to go with it. We are ahead by almost $200k per year and now have very satisfied customers"

~Founder Owner, Retail

"I will be happy for you to come back and help us with our expansion. We also need your guidance in acquiring and integrating a related engineering business"

~ MD, Engineering/Manufacturing

"We must admit both L & me didn't have a clue till we did the Diagnostics &Directions workshop. You'd think being in business for more than 8 years would've made us perfect. Thanks for the report it makes our lives better lived now -we have goals to achieve. We are on track for sure"

~ Owner, Finance & Financial Services

"Success is not the result of making money. Making money is the result of success"