A workshop with the objectives of keeping you on top of your business, being successful in it and to achieve a balance between work and lifestyle. In other words getting to know your business properly and unbiasedly. This intense but simple workshop helps you with acquiring an understanding of how healthy your business is and what needs to be rectified, immediately or in due course. It also points to issues that need attention before they become problems and later turn into a crisis.

The Business Diagnostics & Directions™ drilling & in-depth workshop helps you to work 'ON' your business instead of 'IN' your business.

The workshop makes you understand and have clarity on matters like what areas of your business are doing well and what needs attention. It wakes you up to act on hidden seeds of disaster to avoid inevitable course of eventually bleeding your business to death.


For those businesses that are doing very well the workshop reiterates the importance of being on top of all facets by identifying the invisible underlying bugs that seem unimportant to address because you're doing so well or may be just due to complacency and / or the case of wrongly believing in "why fix something which isn't broken".

A Service which will Inspire You and Guide You to take Control of Your Business

Why participate in an independent workshop / programme?


  • Independent advisors provide you with the wisdom, expertise, experience and knowledge which they do day in & day out for their living. You have direct access to business specialists
  • You may not necessarily have the required expertise, time, money or the prerequisites to be able to wear the hat of a "doctor". And it is true, "you don't know what you don't know"
  • Independent advisors can see your entire business from a bird's eye view. They can work down from a macro level honing into micro management aspects of your business
  • To ensure the best outcome for your business. They provide an objective view - no bias or any axe to grind
  • Quick results, affordable, better chances of accuracy, great return on your investment are some of the many other advantages
  • Why use the Business Diagnostics & Directions workshop / programme ?


  • The programme examines your business comprehensively covering all areas of business
  • It drills down in to each facet of management crucial to smooth running of a business. There are more than 110 questions and their analysis that helps in examining the health of your business and pointing you towards a healthy & progressive direction
  • It will put you on track towards a much improved business and a much improved bottom line
  • You save time & money by letting a proven independent system do a vital assessment that perhaps you'd never get to do yourself because you lack time, resources and the know how/knowledge to do it
  • Apart from getting an accurate insight of your business and its governing functions - like, the gap areas, the strengths, weaknesses, threats & opportunities you get a "Forward Strategy" report that will ensure success of your business by its implementation
  • How do you BENEFIT?

  • Get full insight of your business as to where it is at the present moment, where you'd like to head and how to get there with the support of an unbiased independent expert. Get a crisp, to-the-point and accurate business health check - there are absolutely no hidden agendas
  • Discover exactly how your business is going - if going through a rough ride get to know the gap areas. If travelling well ensure that it stays on track and grows further. Improve your business's bottom line & get better at managing your time
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  • Re-aligns your personal goals & values simultaneously making the business ready to deliver your aspirations
  • Make you smarter with your business. Helps you in working on your business rather that remaining a 'juggler' and working in your business.
  • Gives you access to proven business solutions, astute & practical advice. Also provides the options of ongoing support and mentoring from senior business executives who have the knowledge, expertise, width & depth of experience in any business imaginable
  • How do you register / book for the workshop / programme? Simple easy steps to follow

    • Call Minaal Sinha on +61 (0) 421 314 437 to find out relevant details, discuss your eligibility and book a session, or

    • Email expressing your interest to undergo the workshop on Business Diagnostics & Directions on


      Please allow two weeks and then state 3 convenient alternative dates & time to hold the workshop (allowing 3 to 4 hours for the workshop). Also indicate number of attendees and their positions/responsibilities in your business. The owner/managing director's participation is mandatory

    "Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential."